Puppy & Level One Obedience

Level 1 and Level 2 Obedience/Maple Grove, Zimmerman and Albertville locations. This class continues to work on basic life skills as well as addressing problem behaviors that need attention. Please bring your dog with flat buckle collar and 5-6ft. leash.    Also have with you small treats that are soft so they are easy to swallow.  Please bring a mat with rubber backing so it does not slide around on the floor.  Bathroom rugs work great. Cost 140.00 5 week session  763-354-9909

Puppy Class/Maple Grove, Zimmerman and Albertville locations. This class  is for pups 8-16 weeks of age. Please pre-registered to attend your first class.  Please bring 6ft regular leash, treats cut into very tiny pieces, and flat buckle collar, and a mat with rubber backing for your puppy to settle on. (bath mats seem to work best)  NO FLEXI LEADS

Cost: 140.00 5 week session 763-354-9909

Classes are offered at Maple Grove, Albertville and Zimmerman Locations



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