” Amy saved our dog from being put down.  She also gave us back a normal lifestyle.  We still have a ways to go but there have been very DRAMATIC changes in our house hold and our dog has become a very enjoyable pet. ”

Pam and Dale Kessler

Amy is sooooo AWESOME! As the director of a dog rescue, I run into many training challenges and Amy has generously given us guidance and advice as we have needed it! We wouldn’t have been able to adopt some of our more difficult dogs if we hadn’t had her help! She is my “go to” for all our training questions!
Sue, DIrector
Adopt Me! Dog Rescue

Amy is an amazing trainer! She will treat your dog like one of her own, losing sleep trying to figure out a solution to your problem. She’s consistent and kind using only positive techniques to help you have a better relationship with your dog.

Neika Smessaert

Holly Blakney
Amy Sandmann is an AMAZING trainer! You will be thrilled with her work!

It’s been a year since Amy came to us and helped us work with Stanley to get
along with a new puppy and navigate life while on walks. The winter was so
brutal that we didn’t get walking much, but every one of our three dogs
lived happily together. There were times Stanley even engaged Ginger in play
which is the biggest blessing we could have ever hoped for after Amy’s
sessions with us. We are still alert to the needs of each of our dogs and
continue to read them carefully. We’ve only had one disagreement and that
involved a dog dish that wasn’t put away right after they ate. We are more
careful to make sure all bowls are put away and no stray bones are laying
about the place. We are continually thankful for the guidance Amy gave us a
year ago which continues to allow the dogs to live together peacefully.

Andy and Tiffany Pavlish

Zain Testimonial

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